Characteristics of the TCI Cutting CO2 Powerline laser cutting Series: Delivering precision and reliability

Máquina de corte laser Powerline seriesThe Powerline CO2 series of laser cutters is characterized by its compact and stable design. In addition, the high frequency excitation is a great advantage, minimizing gas emissions and therefore reducing maintenance costs. The Powerline CO2 series of laser cutters facilitates the start-up operation due to the utilization of special software which is programmed and controlled in order to transform the cutting plan into the finished pieces. These laser cutting machines can be extended and enhanced with the addition of different accessories or automated components, thus increasing the manufacturing options and optimizing the work and logistics processes.   Some of the most important specifications are as follows: Máquina de corte laser Powerline series3

  • Great acceleration, 14.7 m/s2(1.5G)
  • High speed, 160 m/min
  • Low gas and electricity consumption
  • Lens exchanger using 3.75”, 5”, 7.5”, 10”cartridges
  • Automated table changer
  • Piercing sensor
  • Effective gas exchange system from high to low pressure

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