CEEI Valencia recognizes the innovative path of TCI cutting on its XXV anniversary


The Center of European Business and Innovation (CEEI) of Valencia has highlighted on the celebration of its XXV anniversary the innovative trajectory of TCI Cutting among the more than 1400 companies that has impelled since its creation.

The Managing Director of TCI Cutting, Emilio Mateu, received one of the ten awards presented by the CEEI in the celebration of its XXV anniversary, which brought together the main agents of entrepreneurship in the Valencian Community. These distinctions recognize the trajectory and potential of growth among the more than 1400 Valencian companies from different economic sectors that have been implemented with the support of the CEEI.

The business success of a project such as that of TCI Cutting is closely linked to the advice of the European Business and Innovation Center of Valencia during its first steps as a company. In that sense, the director of the company, Emilio Mateu, considers centers like the CEEI fundamental to obtain an innovative business fabric that can be an economic engine. Mateu qualifies the commitment to innovation as a key to improve competitiveness and ensure the sustainable growth of the economy.

The European Business and Innovation Center in Valencia made it possible for things to happen for TCI Cutting, already a national benchmark in the design and manufacturing of laser and water jet cutting machines fully-prepared for the industry 4.0.

The CEEI professionals guided the start of TCI Cutting and made the materialization of the initial flood of ideas into a coherent and orderly business project possible.

For TCI Cutting it was helpful to find all the necessary personalized help in a single place, from technical to economic, through legal and training, to take off as a company.

After the tutoring stage was finished, TCI Cutting has maintained contact with CEEI Valencia. In fact, it was this team that presented the candidacy of TCI Cutting to the prestigious Jaime I awards, an award that was granted in 2010 to Emilio Mateu.

ceei-emilio mateu