Caxton College students visited our facilities at TCI Cutting

Visita de los alumnos de Caxton College a las instalaciones de TCI Cutting
TCI Cutting visita alumnos Caxton College

The Caxton College students have recently visited our facilities to get to know closely how we design and manufacture our fully integrated machine tools to Industry 4.0.

This group of students participates in the robotics lessons offered by their college, which they considering it to be an essential technological training in modern society. Robotics, programming and computational thinking are key areas of current Science and Engineering. In addition, they improve skills such as mathematics or languages.

Guided by our team of engineers, Caxton College students were able to observe closely the entire manufacturing process of our water and laser cutting machines as well as the associated computer programming, sensors and control devices. These are aspects that they normally deal with in a more theoretical way, so they were happy to verify its application in real life.

The students of this educational center located in Puzol participate in the Robot Challenge competition that takes place every year in the City of Arts and Sciences. After 9 editions, this contest has become an educational reference event on robotics where amateurs, students and teachers meet. The participants compete with a robot designed and programmed by them.

At TCI Cutting we consider this type of experiences greatly positive, bringing the students the applications of robotics in the industrial sector. Besides contributing to new vocations for engineering, we are happy to encourage this approach between the technological advances and society.

TCI Cutting visita alumnos Caxton College explicacion maquina Spacetubbe Fiber laser maquina de corte
TCI Cutting visita alumnos Caxton College explicación maquina Spacetubbe Fiber láser maquina de corte.
TCI Cutting visita alumnos robot maquina Spaceline Fiber
TCI Cutting visita alumnos robot maquina Spaceline Fiber