BIEMH 2018: the most anticipated machine tool fair of the year

At BIEMH 2018 TCI Cutting will present its latest innovations in water and laser cutting machines, cutting solutions integrated into industry 4.0

As every two years, the Bienal Española de Máquina Herramienta (BIEMH) will host national and international companies that will present their innovations and novelties related to machinery, tools, components and accessories, automation, metrology, quality control, etc. to the sector.



For the 2018 BIEMH TCI Cutting will present its latest innovations in water and laser cutting machines, cutting solutions fully digitized and integrated in industry 4.0 with which our customers can achieve an advanced manufacturing.

In this sense, TCI Cutting will renew its presence in the BIEMH, one of the most important fairs in the sector worldwide. The Spanish Biennial of Machine Tools is the international reference fair on the national level and one of the most important in the world in its specialty.

BIEMH 2018 

The 2018 edition of the BIEMH will be held from May 28 to June 1 in Bilbao, a city with a long industrial tradition. On its 30th anniversary, the BIEMH has opted for an unprecedented technological offer. Expanding the horizon of Industry 4.0, the Bilbao Exhibition Center will showcase the latest innovations in intelligent production, integrated systems or digitalization, as well as tools, components and accessories, metrology or quality control.

If anything characterizes the BIEMH, it is bringing together the leading firms in the sector and its recognition in the international arena. The last edition in 2016 this fair brought together a total of 1,533 exhibiting companies and 40,000 visitors, while for the 2018 edition the participation of professionals from more than 50 countries has already been confirmed.

Industries on BIEMH 2018 

Among the many visiting sectors, aeronautical and space, naval, defense, automotive, construction, household appliances, metallurgical and railway sectors stand out, which is an excellent opportunity to contact buyers and suppliers from different countries, carry out operations and commercial agreements or study opportunities to diversify or add value to current production.

In total harmony with the objectives of the BIEMH 2018, TCI Cutting will present its latest innovations in the digitization of the precision cutting machines it designs and manufactures, as well as the powerful specific software to achieve intelligent and advanced manufacturing. The factory of the future is already a reality at TCI Cutting.

TCI Cutting on BIEMH 

The latest edition of the BIEMH was a success for TCI Cutting. In 2016 we presented our commitment to digitalization and the intelligent concept with the display of the Smart 3015 Fiber fiber laser cutting machine, one of the most versatile, fast and intelligent industrial cutting machines on the market. Adopting the advanced solutions that allow new technologies is what will differentiate the business from our customers, placing it at the forefront of competitiveness and profitability in an increasingly demanding market.

It is for this reason that BIEMH 2018 will incorporate a new space, Be Digital, dedicated to the digital transformation of machines. In parallel to the event, a congress-exhibition will be held that will address the great challenges posed by the management of big data, cybersecurity, the internet of things or software solutions for automation. In addition, the third edition of ADDIT3D will also be held, since additive manufacturing and 3D have become complementary and indispensable technologies for the machine tool.

With these five days, the 30th edition of the BIEMH aims to expand its status as a leading platform in advanced manufacturing with new spaces, products and exhibitors, to deepen the new approaches and concepts as well as to get to know the most innovative solutions and smart manufacturing experiences live in action.

The celebration of the BIEMH also coincides with a good moment for the machine tool sector. According to data from the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers, the sector enters the final stretch of the year with the expectation of increasing turnover by 10% thanks to export.