BIEMH 2018 has consolidated TCI Cutting cutting systems position in the Industry 4.0 market.

TCI Cutting closes important business operations in the 30th edition of the Spanish Biennial of Machine Tools, held last May 28th to June 1st at the Bilbao Exhibition Center. In one of the most important events of the sector at a European level, the waterjet and laser cutting TCI Cutting machines have awaken the interest of many visitors, having a great amount of visit to our stand interested in our latest industrial cutting solutions innovations.TCICutting-stand-BIEMH-18-39

Además de la afluencia de clientes y visitantes, nuestro espacio expositivo contó con la presencia de algunos de nuestros partners más estratégicos. El stand de TCI Cutting recibió la visita del vicepresidente de FANUC, Mr Harada, cuya compañía nos proporciona los robots que incluyen nuestros sistemas de corte láser 3D Spaceline Fiber, además de sistemas robotizados de plegado y partes vitales de nuestros sistemas de corte láser.

In addition to that, our exhibition space was attended by some of our most strategic partners. The stand of TCI Cutting received the vice president of FANUC, Mr Harada, whose robots are included in our 3D Spaceline Fiber laser cutting system, as well as robotized folding systems and vital parts of our laser cutting systems.

Both the Dynamicline Fiber and the MACH 5 bending machine, as well as our more versatile BP-H waterjet cutting model have been the protagonists of our latest presence at the BIEMH. Clients and visitors have been able to see fully operating our intelligent fiber laser cutting system, high speed and great power endowed, up to 12kW. In addition, its digital connectivity generates a production flow at an unmatched speed and at a minimum cost, thanks to the powerful custom software, designed and developed with the commitment of providing our clients with the most intelligent and advanced manufacturing tools.

The Spanish Biennial Machine Tool BIEMH is one of the most internationally famous industrial event and it has closed its 30th edition with more than 40,000 visitors, with an increase of a 5% over the previous one. The economic figures have also been excellent and according to the Bilbao Exhibition Center management team, this international event has generated an economic impact of almost 43 million euros in terms of Gross Domestic Product.

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