Autonomous loading and unloading system

The autonomous loading and unloading system enables you to get the maximum performance out of a laser cutting installation.
Maquina corte laser - laser cutting machine

You always have the possibility to plan a series of cutting programs using any TCI Cutting laser cutting machine. But in addition, thanks to this option for your installation, you will have autonomous and continuous operation without the need for constant supervision. For example, you can leave the machine to cut at night or during much of a shift, saving on personnel and unnecessary downtime.

The unloading and loading operation takes place while the laser machine is executing a cutting program on a sheet. During the first cycle, a system of combs removes the plate that has been cut from the automatic table changer and places it in a processed material station. In the second cycle, a suction system supplies the table changer with raw material, deposited in a warehouse system by cutting order.

There are almost no production timeouts. Consequently, when using the autonomous loading and unloading system, stock management of raw material and the processed material is provided. You can also better anticipate the need for raw materials, offer shorter delivery times and reduce costs.