Automatic sheet loader for TCI laser cutting machines

laser cutting machinesThe automatic sheet loader for TCI laser cutting machines consists of a feeding arm with vacuum elements mounted to it. The frame consists of a welded tubular frame anchored to the ground, which is placed separate from the laser cutting machine.
The feeding arm is mounted to the frame.
The vertical movement is provided by a hydraulic cylinder, the vacuum pump and the hydraulic pump, mounted to a support.
The rubber suction elements are adjustable and can be activated and deactivated my means of manually operated valves.
The loading of the sheets is performed automatically at the press off a button on the control panel placed near the laser cutting machine. A loading table stores the sheets and thanks to magnets mounted on the table, it is easy to separate the individual sheets.
The automatic sheet loader allows you to be even more productive and efficient using the laser cutting machines from TCI Cutting.
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