Advantages of the waterjet cutting machine Waterjet COMBI

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The waterjet cutting machine is known for the quality of the cut finish and for its versatility, it offers the possibility to cut any metal up to 20 cm, stone and ceramic materials, plastics, wood, rubber and even food.

Going even further, TCI cutting offers the possibility to couple a high definition plasma device (HD plasma) controlled by CNC, placing the plasma torch right next to the water nozzle to maximize the usable cutting area. There is also the possibility of underwater cutting on the waterjet cutting machine, resulting in a cleaner working environment and lower noise level.

The main advantage of cutting with plasma is speed: it is 10 times faster than abrasive waterjet cutting for the same material and thickness.

The cutting software allows maximizing the use of a sheet with the placement of the pieces and to cut different contours with different qualities optimizing for speed or cut finish. For example it is possible to cut the outer contour of a very thick metal sheet at high speed thanks to the HD Plasma and cut the inner holes ready for threading using the ultra-high pressure waterjet in one single instance.

This configuration gives the waterjet cutting machine Waterjet COMBI, a huge competitive advantage as it combines versatility and finish quality with high productivity.

On the other hand, the use of cutting by plasma results in a significant saving on installation and maintenance of high pressure equipment, as it reduces the operating time on waterjet cutting machine peripherals.

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