Advanced Factories 2018: The most innovative industrial cutting solutions for industry 4.0


TCI Cutting’s intelligent industrial cutting solutions will once again be among the main players at Advanced Factories 2018, an international fair for innovation, automation and industry 4.0 that will take place in Barcelona from March 13 to 15 at the Barcelona International Convention Center.

At Advanced Factories TCI Cutting will present the most innovative precision cutting machines on the market. These machines have the most advanced features to integrate into the industry 4.0, enabling the transformation of companies in intelligent and fully digitized manufacturing environments.

Advanced Factories is an excellent opportunity for customers and visitors to see firsthand how TCI Cutting can make the digital transformation of companies through its cutting machines and powerful management systems, created to optimize the use of machines in an industrial environment typical of Industry 4.0.


Advanced Factories 2018

After a successful first edition in 2017, Advanced Factories will once again bring the latest technologies and innovations in machine tools, automation, digital manufacturing and services for the industry together in Barcelona.

The application of digital technologies in factories is transforming traditional production systems. The market demands more and more personalized productions adapted to the needs of the client. The way to solve this new reality are machines and products connected to each other sharing data and information in real time.

The processes and techniques of industrial production are adapting to this new paradigm, forcing companies to incorporate the technologies that allow them to enter fully into the industry 4.0.

In this sense, Advanced Factories will once again bring the most innovative companies in machine tools, robotics, industrial automation, digital manufacturing and all those technologies that are making possible the fourth industrial revolution together in Barcelona. Advanced Factories is also the location indicated to present all those emerging technologies related to industry 4.0.
TCI Cutting en Advanced Factories 2018

Therefore, Advanced Factories becomes an unmissable event for all companies that do not want to get off the train of progress. This fair is the place of reference to learn all the news and trends related to the industry 4.0 that is already here.

In this respect, it is important to point out that Industry 4.0 is consolidating globally with 30% of companies in the industrial sector having their production processes already digitized.


Industry 4.0 Congress on Advanced Factories

In parallel, the Industry 4.0 Congress will take place, the most important event in Europe on advanced and digital industry.

In this setting, the latest technologies and the most innovative automation systems of the moment will be announced. One of the highlights will be how to get a Smart Factory up and running. In this sense, aspects ranging from additive manufacturing, industrial data analytics as well as error-free manufacturing, without forgetting energy efficiency and renewable energy in production will be addressed.

Specifically, there will be four main themes around which the 4.0 Industry Congress will be developed: industrial equipment and new manufacturing processes (3D printing, industrial machinery and robotics); digital technologies applied to the industry (artificial intelligence, IoT, Big Data and Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Simulation); product customization (on-demand and digitized manufacturing) and sustainability (energy efficiency and sustainability).

TCI Cutting and Industry 4.0

The waterjet machines and laser cutting machines of TCI Cutting have a fully digitized operation and are interconnected with all the elements that are part of the production process: people, machines and components.

The biggest advantage offered by the machines integrated in Industry 4.0 is obtaining a more efficient production with a reduction in costs. The possibility of exchanging data at all levels of the chain as well as permanent connectivity offer many attributes to companies. The digitalization of companies allows for better, faster and more personalized production cycles allowing greater competitive benefits.

Smart Factory

TCI Cutting is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution with its products and facilities fully digitized. Its smart factory located in Guadassuar (Valencia) is an example of an intelligent factory capable of responding to all the challenges proposed by Industry 4.0.