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Specific laser cutting machines for the metal sector.

TCI Cutting’s laser cutting machines meet the specific cutting needs of sheet metal processing and industrial cutting companies in the metal sector thanks to a wide range of state-of-the-art cutting solutions of high-end technology. Laser cutting machines allow the cutting of multiple types of metal, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, among others, as well as cutting different thicknesses according to the client’s needs. There is also the possibility of developing tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific requirements of the sector and each company. One client, one solution. Thanks to innovative automated monitoring and traceability systems for parts a significant reduction in production costs is possible and the unit cost of the part is achieved.

TCI Cutting has, among others, high-end laser cutting machines such as the Smartline Fiber®, compact and flexible 2D cutting for different materials and cuts, the Smarttube Fiber® machine for high-precision cutting of metal tubes and profiles (2D or 3D) and the latest generation Dynamicline Fiber® machine, a 2D cutting solution with high productivity and high cutting speed. These solutions cover the cutting needs of the metal sector and the transformation of sheet metal industry, optimizing production flows.

Cutting machines can be optimized through tailor-made automation solutions and intelligent production management software for autonomous and strategic decision making.

Smartline Fiber®

Our most flexible machine

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Dynamicline Fiber®

Productivity in its purest form

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Smarttube Fiber®

Our machine for profiles and tubes cutting

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We create intelligent machines with autonomous decision making.
Tailor-made automation of production processes makes the production process more flexible, thus reducing costs by up to 60% and increasing productivity by 85%.

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The brain of your smart factory

Production Management Software

Manager PRO® is the intelligent production management software and factory digitization. Manage your assets and optimize your production processes in real time from your computer, tablet or mobile.


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Logistics and production management capacity

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