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Our goal every day, to fulfill our customers’ expectations, to help them grow in a changing environment, to optimize their factories, to be their long-term technology partners. Our autonomous machines, taylor-made automation processes and intelligent softwares at your fingertips.

TCI Manager, manage your own Smart Factory

TCI Manager, production management intelligent software for autonomous decision-making, enables companies to manage their own Smart Factory, in a simple and highly effective way with results in the short term.

TCI Cutting: the best laser cutting machines on the market

The Dynamicline Fiber, Smartline Fiber and Smarttube Fiber cutting machines stand out for their cutting-edge technology, high productivity, flexibility, easy handling and high precision. 100% European manufacturing. Industry-leading cutting solutions.

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Advantages high pressure waterjet cutting machine

Advantages high pressure waterjet cutting machine

  • The water jet cutting temperature is low, thus preventing thermal alteration and residual tension in the material
  • Waterjet cutting is versatile, suitable for all material types and thicknesses, including painted materials
  • High pressure waterjet cutting machines are clean and do not generate damage to the atmosphere
  • The cut surface does not split, crack or fold
  • Minimal shrinkage of materials and optimal benefit from the prime material
  • Waterjet cutting eliminates subsequent finishing processes
  • Possibility to realize different types of cutting simultaneously, such as waterjet cutting and plasma cutting
  • Very strict tolerances
Advantages laser cutting machine

Advantages laser cutting machine

  • Laser cutting machines are the best choice for high precision cutting of low to medium thickness sheeting
  • Perfect for complex geometrical cutting and for small apertures
  • Perfectly square-cut edges using laser cutting machinery
  • Easily automated
  • Small kerf (0.1-0.4 mm)
  • Laser cutting machines offer high speed cutting for fine sheeting
  • Possibility of choosing between two types of laser, either CO2 laser cutting or fibre laser cutting
Advantages HD plasma cutting machine

Advantages HD plasma cutting machine

  • The HD Plasma cutting machines cut all electrically conductive material
  • Ideal for cutting high grade steels and mid to high thickness high grade aluminium
  • HD Plasma cutting suitable for cutting mild steels up to 30mm thick
  • High cutting speed
  • Low thermal generation during the HD Plasma cutting process
  • HD Plasma underwater cutting allows cutting with minimal deformation and reduction of noise in the workplace
  • Possibility to realize different types of cutting simultaneously, such as water jet cutting and plasma cutting